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Jul 5, 2009

Aceh ,is a special territory (daerah istimewa) of Indonesia

Aceh ,is a special territory (daerah istimewa) of Indonesia, located on the northern tip of the island of Sumatra.
It is thought to have been in Aceh where Islam was first established in Southeast Asia. In the early seventeenth century the Sultanate of was the most wealthy, powerful and cultivated state in the Malacca Straits region. Acehhas a history of political independence and fierce resistance to control by outsiders, including the former Dutch colonists and the Indonesian government. Aceh has substantial natural resources, including oil and gas - some estimates put Aceh gas reserves as being the largest in the world. Relative to most of Indonesia, it is a religiously conservative area.

Aceh was the closest point of land to the epicenter of the massive 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, which triggered a tsunami that devastated much of the western coast of the region, including part of the capital of Banda Aceh. 226,000 Indonesians were killed or went missing in the disaster, and approximately 500,000 were left homeless, with these casualties particularly pronounced in Aceh.

Fact of Aceh:
Capital :Banda Aceh
Governor :Irwandi Yusuf
Area :57,365.57 km2 (22,149 sq mi)
Population :3,930,000 (2000)[1]
Density :68.5 /km2 (177 /sq mi)

Ethnic groups :Acehnese (50,32%), Javanese (15,87%), Gayo (11,46%), Alas (3,89%), Singkil (2,55%), Simeulu (2,47%), Batak (2.26%), Minangkabau (1,09%), Other (9,5%) [2]
Religion :Islam (98.6%), Christianity (0.7%), Hinduism (0.08%), Buddhism (0.55%)
Languages :Indonesian (official), Acehnese
Time zone :WIB (UTC+7)

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