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Jun 22, 2009

Viewing Volcanic Sunsets in Manado,

Viewing Volcanic Sunsets in Manado,

The island peak of Manado Tua looms imposingly across the water at this hillside North Sulawesi resort. The volcano, fortunately, is dormant at present, so guests can enjoy the hospitality of Kima Bajo Resort & Spa and the fabulous view without the fear of being incinerated in a river of molten rock. Situated in a coconut grove just outside the Sulawesi city of Manado, Kima Bajo must have been put there deliberately to catch the best sunsets in Indonesia. It's a fabulous spot to retreat to after a day diving or snorkeling the astonishing Celebes Sea, boasting thatch-roofed spa serenity on a lovingly gardened coconut-palmed hillside.

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sukses sllu buat kita semua...

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