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Apr 28, 2009

Guadalajara, Mexico

Guadalajara is the capital of the state of Jalisco. It is the origin of some of Mexico's best-known cultural exports: tequila, mariachi music, the sombrero and the ubiquitous "Mexican Hat Dance. Guadalajara is located on the central part of Mexico, offering only one of its kind scenery where past mixes together with a changing present. The countless charms are distributed equally and liberally throughout its distinct neighborhoods.

Guadalajara is a famed spot to appreciate traditional Mexican culture. In Centro Historico you can find meticulously preserved buildings from the colonial era which provide a picturesque backdrop suitable for everything from a destination wedding to a meeting of long-lost friends. The city is the cradle of Mexican folklore and the traditional culture that is most representative of the nation: mariachi music, charrería and tequila. It is a large, modern cosmopolitan city with a small, provincial, traditional town atmosphere. It considered to be the chief centers of culture, economy, history, industry and religion in the country and exerts significant influence on the rest of Mexico. Its ethnic structure is primarily made up of Criollos (people of European descent), and Mestizos (mixed people, mainly of Amerindian and European descent). This city capital of the state of Jalisco is full of contrasts, a city of monuments, parks and flowers, fountains and tree lined avenues.

Guadalajara's nightlife is legendary, with some of the finest food in the country and all the entertainment options a large urban area has to offer, a place with an active international business hub, drawing throngs of business travelers to its massive convention center. Guadalajara has many attractions and things you can be part of. The city's second biggest mall has a multi-story car park and an open layout, with big, open spaces in the middle, surrounded by hallways. Guadalajara is worth a visit for the shopping alone. Considered as the shopping capital of Mexico having a very extensive variety of products to offer, like handcrafts, fine pieces of art and its bigs malls offer a lot of fashion products, but without lost his colorful markets with local products (an excellent souvenir). Guadalajara is also known as Mexico's silicon valley due to its strong electronics industry, and also considered Mexico's high tech capital due to its leadership in software and informatics development.

Guadalajara is an ideal vacation destination for the traveler who is seeking a change of pace from the, sometimes overwhelming, resort scene. Guadalajara Hotels is your portal to information sources, including area attractions, nightlife, photos, rental properties and flights to Guadalajara, Mexico. Guadalajara hotel services are top quality Mexico accommodations and you can enjoy lodging that fits every need and budget.

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